Published: May 11, 2020
Edited: May 21, 2020



This API is used to execute the /HrvInitScripts/hrvInitCleanup.sh script by Receiver.



Parameters:  suppressReboot : boolean

Return Value:  none

Description:  Checks if connection to server is secure and one of the cname's matches "*.warehouse.ccp.xcal.tv" or "*.cable.comcast.com" patterns, then executes /lib/rdk/warehouse-reset.sh. It dispatches an onCallResult event notifying success or failure. Additionally if suppressReboot is true, the underlying warehouse reset script will be invoked with the suppressReboot flag, indicating to the device that the STB should not be rebooted.


Parameters:  none

Return Value:  none

Description:  Returns a hash of properties which includes values for the following keys (uses /lib/rdk/getSTBDetails.sh):
rnrnx1_software_version, cable_card_firmware_version, ecm_mac, ecm_ip, estb_mac, estb_ip, moca_mac, moca_ip


Parameters:  state:int

Return Value:  none

Description:  Changes the state of the front panel LEDs to indicate the download state of the STB software image.-1: NONE, 1: DOWNLOAD IN PROGRESS, 3: DOWNLOAD FAILED


Parameters:  none

Return Value:  none

Description:  Performs a light reset of application data


Parameters:  none

Return Value:  boolean

Description:  Checks the locations on the device where customer data may be stored. If there are contents contained in those folders, then the device is not clean. Returns the following: clean: boolean - when true, the device has no customer datarn files: array[string] - when clean is true, this array will be empty or null. When clean is false, the array will contain a list of file locations for each file that is found that should have been deleted in the cleaning process.

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