Published: August 06, 2019
Edited: August 06, 2019


RDK Media Player is the media player available on Firebolt application platform. It supports clear and encrypted Audio/Video playback for IP and QAM content. It is a wrapper for all media players available on Firebolt and dynamically builds the media pipeline based on the URI passed to the interface. This helps application developers to use the same interface calls for both QAM and IP Audio/Video playback.

For IP playback, the following adaptive bitrate streaming protocols are supported,

  • Http Live Streaming (HLS)

For encrypted content playback, multiple DRM libraries are supported,

  • widevine
  • playready

RDK Media Player API Documentation

RDK Media Player interface provides the following functionalities,

  • Launch or initialize the player
  • Start Playback
  • Stop Playback
  • Set Speed of Playback
  • Skip Playback
  • Audio only Playback
  • Secondary language support
  • Available audio languages
  • Enable/Disable Closed-Captions
  • Available Closed-Caption languages
  • Set the position relative to speed of playback
  • Available Speeds
  • Volume Control
  • Duration of the playback
  • Set Key/Value Pairs required for authentication and authorization
  • Auto-Play of Playlist