Published: September 09, 2019
Edited: December 31, 2019

rdkbrowser2 is the browser application based on WPE, it is integrated with following components which enables it with new features compared with legacy rdkbrowser:

  • injectedBundle : Provides integration Layer for Service manager and Player inside WPE, adds ability to send messages between JavaScript & other application.
  • wpe-webkit : WebKit porting which is used with Wayland.
  • rdk-logger : Provides console and file level message logging feature to RDK component.
  • westeros : Wayland compositor library that allows applications to create their own Wayland displays, which allows nesting and embedding of third party application

Note: Currently a working injectedbundle is not available with CMF release hence servicemanager functionality such as native support for communicating with other RDK components is disabled for community released version of rdkbrowser2.

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